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The Answer...... [Mar. 27th, 2008|11:23 pm]
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[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |Bladerunner documentary on DVD]


(same as Balticon, hehe)

Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes! Life is good!

[User Picture]From: kicking_k
2008-03-28 03:28 am (UTC)


Well, indeed.

Didn't know it was your birthday, but I hope you had a good one!
[User Picture]From: ravynmaniac
2008-03-28 03:30 am (UTC)


Thanks! Hehe great icon :-D
[User Picture]From: kicking_k
2008-03-28 03:31 am (UTC)



I have the T-shirt, too...
[User Picture]From: whimsywinx
2008-03-28 11:55 pm (UTC)


Happy birthday for my Foppet, Poppets and me!!
[User Picture]From: ravynmaniac
2008-03-29 01:01 am (UTC)


Thank you!! Which Foppet lives with you?
[User Picture]From: whimsywinx
2008-03-29 01:04 am (UTC)


Night and Day Poppet and Foppet.
[User Picture]From: ravynmaniac
2008-03-29 01:08 am (UTC)


Great! Love the icon :-D
[User Picture]From: whimsywinx
2008-03-29 01:11 am (UTC)


Thank you! Terry Pratchett quote.
[User Picture]From: cartoonmayhem
2008-04-16 02:16 pm (UTC)


Happy belated birthday. You should be getting a card with pix in it soon. Sorry I'm late but I have had prolonged mind farts from eating all those mental onions.